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Report of Real Estate Market in the Federation of BiH for Year 2019

The “Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – CILAP project

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Component 1: Support to the continuous organizational strengthening, institutionalization and intensified collaboration with stakeholders to make the

Customer-oriented strategic business planning, human resource strategy and human resources development plan, communications strategy and policy, policy for management and employees, are recognized as key prerequisites for the transformation of GA in modern and efficient organizations that contribute to economic and social development.

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Component 2: Support to the continuous establishment, interoperability and sustainability of Address Register,

The development of a fully operating address system is one of the very important prerequisites for the establishment of well functional and organized society.

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Component 4: Support to the improvement of geodetic infrastructure in line with EU norms and standards

As transport infrastructure, roads and railways are important for land-based communications, the geodetic infrastructure is important for collecting, displaying and distributing spatial data.

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Phasing out (2020-2021)

Phasing out (2020-2021)

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